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Youth Council at Women's March London

On the 19th of January, women across the world marched in their thousands as an act of both resistance and solidarity. Amongst them, on the London section of the global march, were some of the members of the Lambeth Youth Council.

These exceptional young people marched with thousands of women across Central London, carrying homemade placards and chanting with the crowd, standing up for women’s rights across the world and standing up to female oppression and sexual harassment.

Some of the young councillors got up onto the stage in Trafalgar Square in front of all the women that attended the march and spoke out about their experience as young women facing sexual harassment in their city under their campaign, ‘#itmademefeel’.

Youth Councillors Rory and Maria speaking at the rally

One of the young councillors who attended, Michael, described the march as “phenomenal” and “truly exhilarating, motivational and even emotional”. It “created such a fire and passion within me”.

Another young councillor who serves as the Deputy leader of the LYC, Maria, described it as an “empowering experience, being surrounded by so many activists fighting for the same rights that the Suffragettes fought for over 100 years ago”. She said it was a “moment I’ll never forget”.

Councillor Tyanna described it as “inspiring” and said that “Seeing everyone there fighting for the same thing and for a good thing, gave me the confidence to participate and to make my mark”.

And lastly, Councillor Stephanie described the march as “absolutely inspiring” and said that “being surrounded by women with the same passion and beliefs as me reminded me of my own potential to make change”.

As exemplified by some of the comments made by the exceptional young councillors, the Women’s March was a fantastic event which the Lambeth Youth Council was sincerely proud to have been involved in. We look forward to being a part of many more events like this in the future.

- Written by Dylan Brewerton- Harper (19)

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