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Check out 6 Movies and TV Shows to watch during quarantine!

Harry Resare Youth Councillor editor

Thu 16 Apr 2020


With so much happening in the last few weeks I know all of us are still adjusting to the temporary measures and social distancing. Here are 6 movies and TV shows to watch in isolation where I've compiled some short reviews for you to fill your day with some much needed cinema time!


Based upon the novel by Jane Austen this movie gives insight to the wealthy of the early 1800s daily activities. In a time where upper class women were expected to pass their time between social gatherings, the story follows Emma, a young woman with no intentions of getting married, through some of the activities she enjoys. The novel and movie alike have very sporadic reviews due to an unapologetic woman not changing her ways for the people around her. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This North American comedy series follows the day to day activities of a police precinct in New York in a rather comedic fashion. The cast is diverse and frequently pokes fun of how non-functional the current police system in the US is. The political starts with the office getting new leadership and progresses to show more and more of each character’s lives with reoccurring gags such as a heist every year on halloween bringing continuity to the show.


Beyoncé: most commonly known as one of the artists leading the music industry. Her heavy influence is nothing less but astounding and has shaped pop culture as we know it. Homecoming is a documentary and concert film that goes through her performance in the 2018 Coachella Festival. The documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in either music, feminism, or a good time

One Day at a Time

This Cuban-Ameican sitcom is made by a Latin American and shows the life of a cuban family in the US. This show gives power to a single mum working as a nurse, taking care of two children and her mother. The show never strays away from the sitcom format and gracefully shows how different immigrants in the US live: the difference between first, second and third generation immigrants along with the different aspects of being a white immigrant compared to a person of colour.


This Korean movie dissects the current class structure in South Korean society. A very low-income family struggles in the current system as they are being exploited by the ultra wealthy through a system that systematically keeps the rich ‘chaebols’ in power whilst never letting anyone climb up the social ladder. The family-members, one by one, manage to get jobs in a household of another ultra-rich family by somewhat desperate means. As the plot unravels the movie shows how easy it is to screw over the most helpless people in society.

Itaewon Class

Similarly to Parasite; Itaewon Class is a Korean show that depicts the life of the most fragile people left in a system that so easily screws people over. The main character, Saeroyi Park, struggles as an ex-convict with no emotional- or financial- support to make ends meet. He decides to follow his fathers footsteps and opens a bar in one of the most diverse places in Korea: Itaewon. The series follows the bar and its staff as they try to establish themselves ,even though the group is as diverse as they come, in their judgemental surroundings.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the films and series once you've had a watch and why not recommend some films and tv series to watch and we will also post them....Happy watching!!

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