Meet The Council 

In Lambeth we are proud to have passionate young people who care about their borough, community and giving young people a voice in civic spaces and wider sectors. Meet our Youth Councillors who currently sit on Lambeth Youth Council and volunteer their time to help make services youth inclusive and representing youth voice in local democracy.  

Lambeth Youth Councillors


Youth Councillor

 I joined Lambeth Youth Council because I am passionate about providing better access for young people to CAMHS services. I also have a keen interest in statistical and data analysis! 


Fun Fact: "I have a profound love for Irn Bru!" - Harry R, 18

shaniqua Parchment

Youth Councillor

I chose to join and commit to the Lambeth Youth Council because I am passionate about change and the general well-being of all people.


Fun Fact: "In my spare time I cook and try new recipes." - Shaniqua P, 18

Maria Bellinfantie

Youth Councillor

I joined the LYC as I believed it would be a great opportunity for myself to make a difference in my area. I’m passionate about raising awareness of how mental health can affect how we think, feel and act, how it can determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices.

Fun Fact: "." - Maria B, 


Youth Councillor


I joined the youth council back in 2019 because I have always been fascinated by the workings of government at both a regional and central level I believe that being a youth councillor is on of the few ways in which young people can make meaningful change. 

Fun Fact: "I'm not sure I have one!" - Jacob R, 13

Ricardo Ennis

Youth Councillor

I joined the youth council because I want to make a change to the lives of young by creating opportunities for them to choose a career path that suits them.

Fun Fact: "I love listening to a wide variety of music genres and also playing the drums." - Ricardo E, 18


Youth Councillor

Since 2016, I've been heavily involved in the lambeth youth council, particularly when it comes to campaigning for social change and helping the borough move to a more just and equal state. lambeth is an amazing borough, but theres no denying things can be better and hopefully the youth council can help realise that change.

Fun Fact: "I can play all four types of saxophone." - Rory M-G , 16


Youth Councillor

 I chose to be apart of the youth council to help other young people to be able to have a voice. I also joined to give others the chance to feel safe in the environment they live in.


Fun Fact: "My hobby is writing poems." - Sharnikae E, 11 


Youth Councillor

Identifying the problem is half of the solution. Living in Lambeth I’ve seen that there’s much improvement needed to the borough for the lives of young people, so instead of just complaining I decided to step out and be the solution to my own problem by representing other young black males and getting their views and desires across. 

Fun Fact: "I'm Left handed!" - Ezekiel J, 


Youth Councillor

I became a Youth Councillor because I want to give other young people more ways to express what matters to them. It is also a chance to gain new skills and learn to take others views into account. 


Fun Fact: "I can solve a rubik's cube in 10 seconds!" - Ramya C,13


Youth Councillor

As an advocate for youth voice I joined the LYC to engage young people in local democracy and to support them to become active citizens.


Fun Fact: "I Love legal and political dramas." - Deuvaunn D, 19